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Posted 27 June 2011 - 11:38 PM

In our last article, we briefly mentioned that Windows 8 build 7989 has leaked. It carries the full title of 7989.winmain.110421-1285.615974c7346f7374. The 3.54 GB file was uploaded on private FTP on and can only be downloaded by VIP members. It includes new features (some of which are hidden) such as an improved virtual keyboard, SMS capabilities, per-feature licensing, and many more.

The virtual keyboard is not a new feature in Windows by any means, but the enhanced version in build 7989 is designed in accordance to Metro UI and is far more touch-friendly than its Windows 7 counterpart. That is especially important as the popularity of touch-screen devices rises, such as tablets. Emoticons are also integrated into the keyboard.

Windows enthusiast Thomas Hounsell posted on his Twitter account details about the new build’s hidden features, such as SMS. Sending a SMS from a PC is an unfamiliar idea, but there’s no reason that 3G (or even 4G) capable tablets shouldn’t be able to send SMS or even make calls.

Evidence of SMS capabilities, courtesy of Hounsell

The build also appears to have geo-location capabilities, which are used to find where the machine running it is. If anything, it can find the user’s time zone without interaction at setup.

Evidence of geo-locator

Next is the App Store. We’ve known about this for a while, but now we have some more evidence in build 7989. More interestingly, Hounsell has also discovered within the App Store the ability to purchase and unlock features within the system as the user goes along. It’s not certain what Microsoft plans to do with this, but some guesses have been made, such as the death of Windows editions: all users would start with a standard, basic edition of Windows and buy features as desired. It’s certainly a novel idea.

Evidence of per-feature licensing in Windows 8

Hounsell has generously made available all of the code he’s found through The links to the code in the pictures can be found here:,, and

What do you think about the new build? Sound off in the comments.SOURCES: http://www.redmondpi...g-geo-location/


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